Welcome to Tiling & Stone Trade Services


Tiling and Stone Trade Services was established in 1996 with the premise of creating services and tools for the tiling and stone industry.


In conjunction with leading Western Australian adhesives manufacturer, Morgan Adhesives, we have built a trade centre with the majority of things required by both commercial and residential tradesmen. We stock quality tools and are always on the look out for new and time saving tools and systems to make your work easier. All of our pricing is at trade rates.


We don’t sell tiles or stone and leave that to tile shops and stone importers and concentrate on every other aspect of industry.


Our cutting and shaping factory creates bullnosing and tile cutting for not only the major tile shops but also some of the most exclusive builders in W.A. Renovators and DYI tilers can take advantage of cutting and shaping service to give them the professional finish.


With over 30 years in the tiling and stone industries we are happy to help and advise with your tiling requirements.